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CareerLink is not responsible for approving work conflicts to attend any course.

If you register for a class and later find out you cannot attend, please notify CareerLink so we can cancel your reservation and give it to someone else.

Minimum Class Size Policy

Effective immediately, the minimum class size permitted for any class at CareerLink is five (5) people. If fewer than five (5) come to the class, they will be instructed to return to their place of work and report to their manager. CareerLink will notify their management team that the class was cancelled, and the employee will be rescheduled for a class in the future.

The Student is responsible for requesting permission of management and receiving management's approval if regular work may be missed to attend CareerLink courses.
Completion of CareerLink courses does not guarantee career advancement. The intent of CareerLink is to help you improve your life skills and computer skills.